Multiple Choice Questions on Algae | Algae MCQ

1.  Chlamydomonas and Volvox are similar because
a) they are filamentous
b) they are colonial
c) they have diploid thallus
d) both of them are motile
MCQ on Algae
2. Plants which are not differentiated into roots, stem and leaves are grouped under
a) Gymnosperms
b) Pteridophytes
c) Thallophytes
d) Spermatophytes

3. Which are the most primitive group of algae
a) Blue green algae
b) Red algae
c) Brown algae
d) Green algae

4. The spore of diatoms resulting from syngamy are called

a) Autospore
b) Auxospore
c) Androspore
d) Zygospore

5. Which of the following is the most advanced group of algae
a) Cyanophyta
b) Rhodophyta
c) Phaeophyta
d) Chlorophyta

6. Which of the algae is responsible for red colour of red sea
Red sea

a) Chlamydomonas brauii
b) Trichodesmium erythrium
c) Ulothrix zonata
           d) None of the above
7. One of the following is present in blue green algae
a) Starch
b) Cyanophacean granule
c) Any polysaccharide
d) Floridian starch
8. Ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen is found in
a) Leaves of some crop plants
b) Chlorella
c) Some marine red algae
d) Some blue green algae

9. Origin and evolution of sex in algae is best seen in
a) Blue green algae
b) Green algae
c) Red algae
d) Brown algae

10. Kelps is obtained from
a) Algae
b) Marine algae
c) Aquatic algae
d) Lichens
11. Algae differ from Riccia ana Marchantia in having
a) Multicellular body
b) Multicellular sex organs
c) Pyrenoids in the cell
d) Thalloid body

12. Heterocysts are
Heterocyst in Anaebaena
a) Green and thin walled
b) Green and thick walled
c) Colourless and thin walled
d) Colourless and thick walled

13. Zygotic meiosis is a characteristic feature of
a) Algae
b) Bryophytes
c) Pteridophytes
d) Gymnosperms
Zygotic Meiosis

14. Cephaleoures is
a) An epiphytic green algae
b) A parasitic green algae
c) A fresh water green algae
d) A colourless red algae

15. Sargasso sea is named after an algae Sargassum which is a
a) Green algae
b) Brown algae
c) Red algae
d) Blue green algae
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