Multiple Choice Questions on Plant Histology

1. When a tree grows older, the rapid increase in thickness is found in
 a) sap wood
b) heart wood
c) hard wood
d) spring wood

2. Vascular cambium is an example of
a) secondary meristem
b) intercalary meristem
c) lateral meristem
d)primary meristem

3. The waxy substance associated with the walls of trunks of some angiospermic trees is
a) cutin
b) suberin
c) lignin
d) hemicellulose

4. Bicollateral vascular bundles are present in
a) malvaceae
b) gramineae
c) leguminosae
d) cucubitaceae

5. Wounds in plant are healed by the activity of
a) apical meristem
b) lateral meristem
c) secondary meristem
d) intercalary meristem

6. Multilayered epidermis on both ventral as well as dorsal side is present in
a) Magnifera indica
b) Zea mays
c) Ficus bengalensis
d) Amaltas

7. Bulliform cells are found in the leaves of
a ) sunflower
b) Wheat
c) potato
d) Tinospora

8. Increase in girth in woody plants is due to the activity of
a) Cork cambium
b) Procambium
c) Fascicular cambium
d) All of these

9. Casparian strips present in

10. Grafting is not possible in monocotyledons because they
 a) lack cambium
b) have parallel bundles
c) are herbaceous
d) have scattered vascular bundles
Learn more:

1. b) heart wood
2. c) lateral meristem
3. b) suberin
4. d) cucubitaceae
5. d) intercalary meristem
6. b) Zea mays
7. d) Tinospora
8. a) Cork cambium
9. b)endodermis
10. d) have scattered vascular bundles

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