MCQ on Floriculture and Landscaping

1. In a formal garden the imaginary central line is known as  
a) edges
b) axis
c) focal point
d) hedges
2. Plant suitable for Pergolas among the following
a) Tuja
b) Phyllanthus
c) Jasmine
d) Casuarina
3. Which of the following is the quickest method of lawn making?
a) Seeding
b) Dibbling
c) Turfing
d) Turf plastering
4. Main features of English garden

a) lawn
b) rockery
c) lanterns
d) border
5. Japanese garden do not have

a) terrace garden
b) sand garden
c) stone lantern
d) stream
6. Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that uses plant that need very little
a) clean air
b) sunlight
c) soil
d) water
7. Green Façade is the term used in which of the following
a) vermi culture
b) seri culture
c) Green manuring
d) Vertical gardening
8. Plant suitable for topiary
a) Tecoma
b) Duranta
c) Thunbergia
d) Clerodendron
9. Plant which is suitable as a central specimen in Garden
a) Bougainvillea
b) Banyan tree
c) Christmas tree
d) Rain tree
10. Plant suitable for Bonsai making and which is easily available  
a) rain tree
b) Banyan tree
c) Acacia
d) all of these
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1.b) axis
2.c) Jasmine
3. c) Turfing
4. a) lawn
5. a) terrace garden
6. d) water
7.d) Vertical gardening
8. b) Duranta
9. c) Christmas tree
10. b) Banyan tree


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