NEET MCQ on Environmental Issues | Environmental Science MCQ

1. Which of the following statements is not valid for aerosols?

A) They alter rainfall and monsoon patterns

B)They cause increased agricultural productivity

C)They have negative impact on agricultural land

D)They are harmful to human health

2. A lake which is rich in inorganic waste may result in

A) increased population of aquatic organisms due to minerals

B)drying of the lake due to algal bloom

C)increased population of fish due to lots of nutrients

D)morality of fish due to lack of oxygen

3. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) may not be a good index for pollution for water bodies receiving effluents from

A) domestic sewage

B) dairy industry

C)petroleum industry

D)sugar industry 

4. The high DDT concentration in aquatic food chain shall occur in

A) phytoplankton


C) crab


5. Depletion of which gas in the atmosphere can lead to an increased incidence of skin cancers

A) Ammonia

B) Methane

C)Nitrous oxide


6. Joint Forest Management concept was introduced in India during

A) 1980s




7. A river with an inflow of domestic sewage rich in organic waste may result in

A)an increased production of fish due to biodegradable nutrients

B)death of fish due to lack of oxygen

C)drying of the river very soon due to algal bloom

D)increased population of aquatic food web organisms

8. Acid rain is caused by increase in the atmospheric concentration of

A)CO2 and CO

B)O3  and dust

C)SO3 and NO2

D)SO3  and CO

9. Eutrophication  of water bodies leading to killing of fishes is mainly due to non availability of

A)essential minerals




10. The UN Conference of Parties on climate change in the year 2012 was held at

A) Lima

B) Warsaw

C) Durban

D) Doha

11."Itai-Itai disease" is caused by

A) Mercury poisoning

 B) Arsenic poisoning

C) Cadmium poisoning

D) Lead poisoning

12. The gas that is known to damage the ozone layer in Stratosphere is:

A) HCl


C) CF2Cl2

D) Pb(C2H5)4

13. Among the following, the main pollutant of leather tanneries is 

A) Lead

 B) Chromium

C) Cadmium

D) Mercury

14. Which of the following species attacks hemoglobin to form carboxyhaemoglobin thereby causing poisoning effect?

A) CO2

 B) CO



15. The commonly called black lung disease is also known as:

A) Byssionosis

 B) Silicosis

C) Abestosis


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1. B)They cause increased agricultural productivity

2. D)morality of fish due to lack of oxygen

3. C)petroleum industry

4. B)seagull

5. D)Ozone

6. A) 1980s

7. B)death of fish due to lack of oxygen

8. C)SO3 and NO2

9. B)oxygen

10. D) Doha

11.C) Cadmium poisoning

12. C) CF2Cl2

13.  B) Chromium

14.  B) CO

15. D)Pneumoconiosis

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