Plant Embryology MCQ | MCQ on Angiosperms Embryology | Plant Science MCQ

 1. The pollen tube that enters the ovule by piercing the integuments is known as

A) Porogamy 

B) Chalazogamy

Plant Embryology MCQ -MCQ on Angiosperms Embryology | Plant Science MCQ
C) Mesogamy 

D) Syngamy

2. Identify the family which shows pseudo-embryo sac?

A) Podostemaceae 

B) Asteraceae

C) Solanaceae 

D) Caryophyllaceae

3. What is Endymion type embryosac formation?

A) In this type micropylar dyad cell participates in the formation of the embryo sac

B) 4 megaspore nuclei divides twice, resulting in a total of 16 nuclei which become more or less uniformly distributed

C) embryo sac is derived from the micropylar megaspore of the tetrad and is four nucleate

D) In this type chalazal dyad cell participates in the formation of the embryo sac

4. Identify the correctly matched pair:

A) Orthotropous ovule - Chenopodiaceae

B) Campylotropous ovule - Piperceae

C) Amphitropous ovule - Alismaceae

D) Hemianatropous ovule - Butomaceae

5. Adventive polyembryony is due to

A) Cleavage of proembryo

B) Embryo from cells other than egg cell

C) Splitting of zygote

D) Embryos from nucellus

6. Endosperm development is completely absent in

A) Orchidaceae

 B) Podostemaceae

C) Both in A&B

 D) None of the above

7. Monosporicembryosac with eight nuclei is found in

A) Adoxa B) Polygonum C) Allium D) Fritillaria

8. The term ‘Unitegmic’ refers to

A) An ovule having a single integument

B) A filament with a single anther

C) A fruit with a single seed

D) A style with a single stigma

9)The primitive condition of apocarpy NOT seen in

A) Magnoliaceae

B) Ranunculaceae

C) Capparidaceae

D) All of these

10)The endometaphase can be seen in

A) Abnormal Mitosis in Tapetum

B) Metaphase without wall formation in Endosperm haustorium

C) Abnormal Metaphase in Endothecium

D) Abnormal Metaphase in Endosperm












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