Multiple Choice Questions on Plant Physiology - Respiration

Respiration in plants
CH2O + O2 → CO2 + H2O + energy
1. The process of respiration in green plants occurs
a) only when stomata are open
b) only when photosynthesis ceases
c) only when photosynthesis is in progress
d) At all times

2. Respiratory enzymes are located in
a) mitochondrial matrix
b) cristae
c) perimitochondrial space
d) outer membrane

3. The site of glycolysis in a cell is
a) chloroplast
b) nucleus
c)  cytoplasm
d) mitochondria

4. Respiration is
a) Anabolic process
b) Exothermic process
c)  Endothermic process
d) Endergonic process

5. The annual plant exchange of gases takes place mainly through
a) Leaf scars
b) lenticels
c) stomata
d) stem

6.  Kreb’s cycle take place in
a) vesicles of ER
b) Mitochondrial matrix
c) lysosomes
d) Dictyosomes

7. Common immediate source of energy in cellular activity:
a) NAD
b) ATP
c)  DNA
d) RNA

8.  Photorespiration involves

Photorespiration involves three organelles:Chloroplast,  Peroxisome and Mitochondria

a) Glycolate cycle
b) kreb’s cycle
c) calvin cycle
d) CAM cycle

9.  In succulent xerophytes the R.Q is :
a) Zero
b) unity
c) less than one
d) more than one

10. R.Q. of fatty substances is generally:
a) unity
b) Zero
c) more than one
d) less than one

11. Conversion of pyruvic acid into ethyl alcohol is facilitated by the enzymes:
a) carboxylase
c) dehygrogenase
d) carboxylase and dehygrogenase

12. During respiration yeast converts glucose to
a) ethanol and water
b) ethanol and oxygen
c) ethanol and CO2
d) lactic acid and CO2

13. The net gain of ATP produced during the oxidation of one glucose molecule in a plant cell
a) 38 ATP molecules
b) 30 ATP molecules
c) 36 ATP molecules
d) 24 ATP molecules

14. The final acceptor of electrons in the electron transport chain is
a) Water
b) Oxygen
c) Hydrogen
d) Cytochrome b

15. In plant cell, digestion of fats occurs with the help of
a) lysosomes
b) Peroxisomes
c) glyoxisomes
d) microtubules

1- d
2- b

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