Multiple Choice Questions on Evolution - Geological Time Scale

Geological Time Scale
1. During which geological period did the earth become oxygen rich?
a) Orosirian period
b) Ediacaran period
c)  Devonian period
d) Ordovician period
2. The first green plants and fungi appeared on land during which period? 
a) Ediacaran period
b) Devonian period  
c) Orosirian period
d) Ordovician period
3. Flowering plants first appeared during........... Period?
a) Jurassic period
b) Carboniferous period
c) Cretaceous period
d) Silurian
 4. The present epoch in the Earth’s age is known as
a) Holocene
b) Miocene
c)  Pleistocene
d)  Pliocene
5. The rise of human civilization is the main characteristics of.............
 a) Holocene
b) Pleistocene
c) Pliocene
d) miocene
6.  Which geological period in the age of earth is also known as the Age of Fish?
a) Orosirian period
b) Devonian period
c) Ediacaran period
d) Ordovician period
7. As per the latest radiometric dating, what is the age of the earth?
a)  4 billion years 
b) 4.54 billion years
c) 4.45 billion years
d) 4.64 billion years
8. During which period in the age of earth did terrestrial life was well established?
a) Pleistocene period
b) Jurassic period 
c) Carboniferous period 
d)  cretaceous
9. First birds and lizards appeared on Earth during ......... period? 
a) Jurassic period
b) Carboniferous period
c) Pleistocene period 
d) cretaceous
10. Angiosperm originated during
a) upper cretaceous
b) lower Jurassic
 c) mid cretaceous 
d) carboniferous
11. During evolution the first multicellular organism appeared during
a) 1 billion years ago
b) 2 billion
c) 600 million
d) 200 millions
12. Maximum diversity of reptiles was during
 a) Jurassic 
 b) Ordovician
c) Triassic
d) Cretaceous



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