Biology Practice Test on Ecology - Ecosystem

Life is affected by various environmental factors and the living organisms in turn modify the environment in various ways. The inter relation ship between these two components  (biotic and abiotic ) of nature is dealt with in ecology.

Ecosystem is the basic functional unit in ecology. It can be defined as a structural and functional unit of biosphere including both organisms and abiotic environment, influencing the properties of each other and both necessary for the maintenance of life.

Biology Practice Test on Ecosystem
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1. What is the Greek word for ecology?

2. Study of Ecology of population is called

3. Pyramid of energy in a pond ecosystem is always

4. If in a population, natality is balance by mortality then there will be
Decrease in population growth
Zero population growth
Over population
Increase in population growth

5. In a pyramid of numbers, in a grass land ecosystem, the largest population is that of
Primary consumers
Secondary consumers

6. Which of the following statements regarding species interdependence are true? 
 i. An association of two species where one benefitted and other remains unaffected called mutalism.
 ii. An interspecific association were both partners derive benefit from each other is called commensalism.
 iii. A direct food relation between two species of animals in which one animal kills and feeds on another is referred as predation.
iv. A relation between two species of organism where both the partners are benefitted from each other is called symbiosis.

i and ii only
ii and iii only
iii and iv only
i and iii only

7. Which of the ecological pyramid is always upright?
Pyramid of number
Pyramid of biomass
Pyramid of energy
All of these

8. Which of the following regarding ecological pyramid is not correct?
In most ecosystems, the pyramid of numbers and biomass are upright
The total energy flow at successive trophic level always decreases
The pyramid of energy expresses mainly the rate of food production
In deep water ecosystem, the pyramid of biomass is upright.

9. Some of the stages in the hydrarch are labelled as
 i. Marsh meadow stage
 ii. Red swamp stage
 iii. Submerged plant stage
 iv. Phytoplankton stage
 v. Submerged free floating plant stage
i, ii, iii, iv and v
iii, iv, i, iii and v
ii, iv, i, iii and v
iv, iii, v, ii and i

10. Pyramid of energy in a river ecosystem is
Always inverted
Always erect
Always upright

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