Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Epithelial Tissues

1. Lining layer of fallopian tubes, bronchi and bronchioles consists of
a) Columnar epithelium
b) Ciliated epithelium
c) Cubical epithelium
d) Squamous epithelium
2. Transitional epithelium is found on
 Transitional epithelium
a) Stomach
b) Lungs
c) Liver
d) Urinary bladder
3. Lining of intestine of man is
a) Brush bordered
b) Ciliated
c) Keratinized
d) Non keratinized
4. Compound tubular gland is
a) Salivary gland
b) Sweat gland
c) Brunner’s gland
d) bulbourethral gland
5. Globet cells of intestinal epithelium are examples of
a) Unicellular glands
b) Columnar epithelium
c) Striated epithelium
d) None of these
6. Epithelium of bronchi is
a) Simple cuboidal
b) Glandular
c) Simple squamous
d) Pseudo stratified ciliated columar
7. Compound tissue is defined as
a) Different types of cells performing one function
b) Different types of cells which are different in structure and function
c) Similar cells at different regions performing many functions
d) Similar types of cells held together by connective tissue.
8. Curved portion of the Henle’s loop of the nephrons are lined by
a) Squamous epithelium
b) Columnar epithelium
c) Ciliated epithelium
d) cuboidal epithelium
9. Endothelium blood vessels is made up of
a) Simple cuboidal epithelium
b) Simple squamous epithelium
c) Simple columnar epithelium
d) Simple non ciliated columnar epithelium
10. Non keratinized stratified epithelium occurs in
Non keratinized stratified epithelium
a) buccal cavity and anus
b) Vagina and cervix
c) Vagina, cervix and buccal cavity
d) Vagina, cervix, buccal cavity and anus
Learn more:
1. b) Ciliated epithelium
2. d) Urinary bladder
3. a) Brush bordered
4. c) Brunner’s gland
5. b) Columnar epithelium
6. d) Pseudo stratified ciliated columar
7. a) Different types of cells performing one function
8. a) Squamous epithelium
9. b) Simple squamous epithelium
10. d) vagina, cervix, buccal cavity and anus

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Anonymous said...

Isn't 4) salivary gland? said...

Brunner's glands or duodenal glands are compound tubular submucosal glands found in that portion of the duodenum.

Unknown said...

I answerd all questions tq

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