Multiple Choice Questions on Spermatogenesis

1. Correct sequence of cell stage in spermatogenesis
a) spermatocytes – spermatids – spermatognia - spermatozoa
b) spermatogonia – spermatids – sprmatocytes - spermatozoa
c) spermatogonia – sprmatocytes – spermatids - spermatozoa
d) spermatocytes –spermatogona- spermatids –spermatozoa

2. In spermatogenesis the phase of maturation involves
a) The formation of oogonia from the spermatocytes through meiosis
b) The formation of spermatids from primary spermatocytes through meiosis
c) The growth of spematogonia into primary spermatocytes
d) The formation of spermatogonia from gonocytes through mitosis

3. Which part of sperm provides energy for its movement?
a) Head
b) Tail
c) Middle piece
d) Acrosome

4. What happens during spermatogenesis?
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) mitosis and meiosis
d) none of the above

5. Number of spermatozoa a single primary spermatocyte ultimately produces in spermatogenesis is
a) 8
c) 4
d) 2

6. How many secondary spermatocytes are required to form 400 spermatozoa?
a) 100
b) 200
c) 400
d) 800

7. Spermatogenesis is induced by
a) MSH
b) TSH
c) FSH

8. The lytic enzyme released by sperm is
a) acrosome
b) ligase
c) hyaluronidase
d) None of these

9. Middle piece of the mammalian sperm contains

a) centriole
b) mitochondria
c) nucleus and mitochondria
d) centriole and mitochondria

10. The actual genetic part of a sperm is its
a) head
b) acrosome
c) tail
d) middle piece
Learn more:
1. c) spermatogonia – sprmatocytes – spermatids - spermatozoa
2. b) the formation of spermatids from primary spermatocytes through meiosis
3. c) Middle piece
4. c) mitosis and meiosis
5. c) 4
6. b) 200
7. c) FSH
8. c) hyaluronidase
9. b) mitochondria
10. a) head


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  1. I think in the middle of sperm have only mitochondria. centrioles is near nucleus and belong to head. I see almost in picture show that.

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