MCQ on Horticulture - Vegetable Science

1. French bean is a native of
a) Mediterranean region
b) Asia
c) South and Central America
d) None of the above
2. Fruits of vegetable Marrow are ready for first picking after

a) 40-50 days
b) 60-80 days
c) 80-100 days
d) None of the above
3. Garden beet belong to the genus
a) Beta
b) Brassica
c) Raphanus
d) None of these
4. Purple Vienna is --- variety of knol khol

a) early
b) mid
c) late
d) all season
5. Fungicide used for controlling powdery mildew disease of pea is
a) captan
b) indofil M-45
c) karathane
d) none of these
6. Puffy fruit in tomato is caused by
a) Viral attack
b) Bacterial attack
c) Physiological disorder
d) None of these
7. Fruits of wild forms of bottle guard are bitter in taste due to
a) solanin
b) tomatine
c) cucurbitacin
d) None of these
8. Fruit of okra is rendered unmarketable due to attack of
a) mites
b) painted bug
c) aphids
d) none of these
9. Powdery mildew disease is a serious problem of which of the following crops
a) capsicum
b) okra
c) pea
d) cucurbits
10. Fruit setting in Brinjal is usually in the flower having
a) medium style
b) short style
c) long and medium style
d) short and medium style
1. c) South and Central America
2. b) 60-80 days 
3. a) Beta
4. c) late 
5. c) karathane
6. c) Physiological disorder
7. c) cucurbitacin
8. b) painted bug
9. d) cucurbits
10. c) long and medium style


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