MCQ on Animal Biotechnology

1. Following are produced by animal cells in culture and help to adhese to culture dish except
c) Phospholipase A

2. Transgenic animals used for gene farming or molecular farming called
a) biopests
d)none of these

3. Mouse is preferred mammal for studies on gene transfers due to
a)short oestrous cycle and gestation period
b) short generation time
c) convenient in vitro fertilization
d) all of these

4.Technique to produce cells capable of continuous secretion of a single type of antibody to a predyined antigen is given by
b)Ross Marison
c)J R Birch
d)Kohler and Milstein

5. Which of the following mice are used for immunisation in the Hybridoma technology
a) Swiss mice
b) Balb/c  mass
c) Out bred mice
d) Indigenous mice

6. Salk and Sabin polio vaccines are
a) prepared from two different strains of polio virus
b) both are attenuated forms of vaccines
c) Salk vaccine is inactivated form and Sabin vaccine is attenuated form of vaccines
d) Salk vaccines is attenuated form and Sabin vaccine is inactivated form of vaccines

7. Reverse vaccinology indicates
a) from antigenic polysaccharide to vaccine development
b) from antigenic protein to vaccine development
c) from antibody to vaccine development
d) From genome sequence to vaccine development

8. First recorded attempts to maintain animal cells in culture can be attributed to
a) JR Birch
b) W scheirrer
c) Ross Harrison
d) Klausner

9. DNA insert placed within the thymine kinase gene of virus by a process of recombination forms
a) BPV vectors
b) Vaccinia virus
c) Polyoma virus vector
d) Bacculo virus vector

10. Hybridoma is a cell formed by the fusion of
a) plasma cell with a plasma cell of another species
b) T cell with a myeloma cell
c) macrophage with a myeloma cell
d) plasma cell with a myeloma cell
Learn more:
1. c) Phospholipase A
2. b)bioreactors
3. d)all of these
4. d)Kohler and Milstein
5. b) Balb/c  mass
6. c) Salk vaccine is inactivated form and Sabin vaccine is attenuated form of vaccines
7. b) from antigenic protein to vaccine development
8. c) Ross Harrison
9. b) Vaccinia virus
10. d)plasma cell with a myeloma cell

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