MCQ on Water Relations of Plants

1.The thin film of water covering the soil particles and held strongly by attractive forces, is called 
 c)run away 
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MCQ on Water Relations of Plants
2. Choose the correct sequence of events, when the plant wilts 
 a) endosmosis, deplasmolysis, temporary and permanent wilting
 b) exosmosis, deplasmolysis, temporary and permanent wilting 
 c) endosmosis, plasmolysis, temporary and permanent wilting 
 d) exosmosis, plasmolysis, temporary and permanent wilting
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3. The term ‘water potential’ was coined by 
 a) Stephan Hales 
 b)Robert Hill 
 d)Slatyer and Taylor 
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4. Osmotic pressure is highest in 
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5.Which one is semipermeable? 
 c)Endoplasmic reticulam 
 d)cell wall
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6.Which one of the following is against concentration gradient?
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7. DPD of a fully turgid cell is equal to 
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8.The direction and the rate of water movement from cell to cell is based on
 a)diffusion pressure deficit(DPD) 
 c)wall pressure 
 d)incipient plasmolysis
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9.The movement of water from one of the cortex cell to the adjacent one in roots is due to 
 a) chemical potential gradient 
 b) accumulation of inorganic salts in the cells 
 c) accumulation of organic compounds in the cells 
 d) water potential gradient
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10. DPD is equal to 
 a)OPX TP 

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