MCQ on Viruses

1.An anti viral substance which prevents the synthesis of a virus in the cell is

2.Who separated the protein coat virus from RNA core by chemical means?
D)Frankel Conrat

3. Which part of the plant cannot be infected by the virus?
A)Shoot apex

4.One of the following is an incorrect statement
A)Herps disease is due to Myxomyces sp
B)The virus with nucleic acid and protein coat is called virion
C)The virus with nucleic acid but without protein coat is called viroid
D)Tadpole shaped bacteriophages are of different forms

5. Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) was first isolated as crystals by 
A)W M Stanley
C)A Mayer

6. Which one of the following enzyme is present in the bacteriophage?
D)Succinic dehydrogenase

7. Virus contain the following
I. Genome II. Capsid III. Capsule IV. Enzyme
A) I, II and III are correct
B)I, II, III, and IV are correct
C)I, II and IV are correct
D)II, III, and IV are correct

8. The common viral disease of Papaya
A)Leaf roll
B)Big Bud
C)Leaf mosaic
D)Leaf curl

9. Viruses that persist in the cell and cause recurrent disease are called
A)Oncogenic viruses
B)Latent viruses
C)Cytopathic viruses
D)Resistant viruses

 10. Why the lysogenic cycle is more beneficial to a virus than lytic cycle under certain circumstances?
A)The lysogenic cycle prevents local extinction of the host while still retaining its infection potential
B)By integrating with the bacterial chromosomes, the genetic instructions for the virus become refreshed after one or more replication events during binary fission
C)Lysogenic infection cycles do not harm their host cells, so they can produce virus particles indefinitely
D)Lysogeny cause more mutations to occur in the virus, creating more variants upon which natural selection can operate
1. D)Interfereon
2. D)Frankel Conrat
3. A)Shoot apex
4.A)Herps disease is due to Myxomyces sp
5. A)W M Stanley
6. C)Lysozyme
7. C)I, II and IV are correct
8. D)Leaf curl
9. B)Latent viruses
10. A)The lysogenic cycle prevents local extinction of the host while still retaining its infection potential

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