MCQ on Animal Hormones (The Endocrine System)

1. The level of blood calcium is decreased due to the deficiency of

a) calcitonin

b) thyroxine

c) cortisol

d) parathormone

2. Which one of the following combinations are stored and secreted by the posterior pituitary?

a) Vasopressin and Oxytocin

b) Aldosterone and Cortisone

c) Growth hormone and Gonadotropin-releasing hormone

d) Estrogen and Testosterone

3. Hypothyroidism in an adult causes

a) Myxedema

b) Acromegaly

c) Goiter

d) Cretinism

MCQ on Hormones -The Endocrine system

4. Under normal conditions, Parathyroid hormone

a) causes the blood phosphate levels to increase

b) stops the absorption of calcium from the intestine

c) causes the blood calcium levels to decrease

d) stimulates the release of calcium by the kidneys

5. Which one of the following controls the secretion of Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH)?

a) Epinephrine 

b) Testosterone

c) Aldosterone 

d) Cortisol

6. Which one of the following disease conditions are caused due to low levels of the adrenal cortex hormone?

a) Cushing's syndrome

b) Addison's disease

c) Goiter

d) Tetany

7. The pancreatic islet produces the following hormones

a) ACTH and Aldosterone

b) Pancreatin

c) Cortisol and Oxytocin

d) Insulin and Glucagon

8. Which one of the following glands produces melatonin?

a) Hypothalamus

b) Pineal

c) Thyroid

d) Pituitary

9. Which one of the following cells are the source of testosterone?

a) Leydig cells

b) Gamma cells

c) Kupffer cells

d) Sertoli cells

10. The hypothalamus that produces hormones are connected to the pituitary gland via the

a) Infundibulum

b) Neurohypophysis

c) Diencephalon

d) Cerebellum

11. Secretin is released by

a) cells in the anterior hypothalamus

b) cells of gastric mucosa

c) S-cells in the duodenal mucosa

d) cells in the posterior hypothalamus

12. Which one of the following is a role of oxytocin?

a) Decreasing the reuptake of glucose in the kidneys

b) Increasing the potency of the spinothalamic tract 

c) Increasing the reuptake of sodium in the kidneys

d) Promoting uterine contraction

13. Vasopressin hormone belongs to the family of

a) carbohydrates

b) amino acid and derivatives

c) steroids

d) polypeptides

14. The hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex is 

a) adrenaline

b) prolactin

c) vasopressin

d) corticosterone

15. Which of the following is called 'master gland of the endocrine orchestra'

a) pituitary


c) thyroid

d) adrenal gland

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1. d) parathormone

2. a) Vasopressin and Oxytocin

3. c) Goiter

4. a) causes the blood phosphate levels to increase

5. d) Cortisol

6. b) Addison's disease

7. d) Insulin and Glucagon

8. b) Pineal

9. a) Leydig cells

10. a) Infundibulum

11. c) S-cells in the duodenal mucosa

12. d) Promoting uterine contraction

13. d) polypeptides

14. d) corticosterone

15. a) pituitary

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