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 1.Leech is blood-sucking animal nutritionally there for leech is

A) Omnivorous

B) Carnivorous

C) Sangivorous

D) Herbivorous

2. Gastric filament occurs in

A) Obelia

B) Sea anemone

C) Hormiphora


3.Sense organ of Aurelia is called

A) Tentaculocytes

B) Tester

C) Tentilla

D) Nematocyst


4. Groove of Pharynx is called

A) Stomatdaeum

B) Limbs

C) Siphonoglyph

D)Chindoglandu largroove 

5. Bladder worm is found in

A) Human muscle

B) Muscle of Pig

C) Human faeces


6. Final molt in the life cycle of Ascaris takes place in

A) Soil

B) Lung

C) Intestine

D)Intestine before migration

7. How many chambers are found in the crop of Leech

A) six

B) eight

C) nine

D) Ten 

8. Malpighian tubules of Cockroach are responsible for

A) Excretion

B) Digestion

C) Osmoregulation

D) respiration

9. Radula is found in all Mollusca except

A) Bivalves

B) Cephalopoda

C) Scaphopoda


10. Locomotary organ of Starfish is

MCQ on Animal Diversity

A) Podia

B) Polian vesicles

C) Stone canal

D) Ampullae

11. The chemoreceptor found in gastropod molluscus is

A) Crystalline style

B) Radula

C) Osphradium

D) Ctenidum

12. Which among the following is known as "Portuguese -man-of war" ?

A) Halistemma

B) Physalia

C) Velella

d) Aurelia

13. Phylum 'ctenophora' is known as

A) Comb-jellies

B) Barrel-Jelly fish

C) Moon-Jelly

D) Swimming Bells 

14. Venous heart is the characteristic feature of

A) Sphenodon

B) Salamander

C) Mullet

D) Pigeon    

15) Choose the organisms showing 'neoteny'

A) Oikopleura, Ambystoma

B) Doliolum, Uraeotyphlus

C) Ascidia, Latimeria

 D) Necturus, Myxine    

16) 'Ammocoetes' is the larva of

A) Protopterus

B) Petromyzon

C) Chimaera

D) Latimeria

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1. C) Sangivorous

2. B) Sea anemone

3. A) Tentaculocytes

4. B) Limbs

5. B) Muscle of Pig

6. C) Intestine

7. D) Ten

8. A) Excretion

9. A) Bivalves

10. A) Podia

11. C) Osphradium

12. B) Physalia

13. A) Comb-jellies

14. C) Mullet

15. A) Oikopleura, Ambystoma

16. B) Petromyzon

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