Multiple Choice Questions on Soil Science

1. Solum is made up of 

a) C horizon
b) C and D horizon
c) A and B Horizon
d) A horizon

2. Which of the following phase of water erosion?
a) sheet erosion
b) Rill erosion
c) Gully erosion
d) Splash erosion
Multiple Choice Questions on Soil Science

3. The occurrence of quartz in high amounts makes a rock
a) alkaline
b) acidic
c) neutral
d) None of these

4. Most microorganism function at their best within a pH range
a) 4.5-5.5
b) 6.0-7.5
c) 6.5-8.5
d) at any stage 

5. The particle density of clay soil is
a) 2.65gm/cm3
b) 1.42gm/cm3
c) 1.10gm/cm3
d) 2.83gm/cm3

6. The ESP of sodic alkaline soil is 
a) equal to15
b) >15
c) <15
d) >10

7. Saline soils are managed by
a) addition of lime
b) addition of pyrite
c) addition of gypsum
d) leaching of soluble salt

8. The common method of determining soluble sodium in the soil is
a)Olsen's method
b) Morgan method
c) flame photometric
d) None of these

9. The C:N ratio in humus is
a) 10:1
b) 1:10
c) 40:1
d) 400:1

10. A sandy soil needs frequent irrigation because of
a) hot weather
b)less water need
c) low water holding capacity
d) None of these

1. c) A and B Horizon
2. d) Splash erosion
3. b) acidic
4. b) 6.0-7.5
5. d) 2.83gm/cm3
6. b) >15
7. d) leaching of soluble salt
8. c) flame photometric
9. a) 10:1
10.c) low water holding capacity

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