MCQ on Transgenic Plants | Application of Biotechnology MCQ

MCQ on Transgenic Plants  | Applications of Biotechnology MCQ

1. Transgenic plants are the ones:-

A) Grown in the artificial medium after hybridization in the field

B) Produced by a somatic embryo in an artificial medium

C) Generated by introducing foreign DNA into a cell and regenerating a plant from that cell

D) Produced after protoplast fusion in an artificial medium

2. First genetically modified plant produced in 1982 was

A) Transgenic tobacco 

B) Transgenic maize

C) Transgenic tomato 

D) Transgenic cotton


3. Golden rice is a promising transgenic crop. When released for cultivation, it will help in

A) Alleviation of vitamin A deficiency

B) Pest resistance

C) Herbicide tolerance

D) Producing a petrol-like fuel from rice

 4. A genetically engineered squash called Freedom II carries genes from

A) Cauliflower mosaic virus 

B) Zucchini virus

C) Watermelon mosaic virus  

D) Both A & B

5. A transgenic food crop that may help in solving the problem of night blindness in developing

countries are:-

A) Starlink maize

B) Bt Soybean

C) Golden rice

D) Flavr Savr tomatoes

6. The transgenic plant is developed by anti-sense RNA technology.

A) Golden rice 

B) Bt cotton

C) Flavr Savr tomato 

D) Both A and C


7. Silencing of mRNA has been used in producing transgenic plants resistant to:

A) Bacterial blights 

B) Bollworms

C) Nematodes

D) White rusts


8. An improved variety of transgenic basmati rice :

A) is completely resistant to all insect pests and diseases of paddy

B) gives high yield but has no characteristic aroma

C) does not require chemical fertilizers and growth hormones

D) give high yield and is rich in vitamin A


9. The genetically modified (GM) brinjal in India has been developed for :

A) Enhancing mineral content

B) Drought-resistance

C) Insect-resistance

D) Enhancing shelf life


10. Transgenic Brassica napus has been used for the synthesis of :

A) Heparin

B) Cry Protein

C) polygalacturonase

D) Hirudin


11. Transgenic tobacco plant was developed by the process of RNA interference, was resistant against the infection of 

A) Bacteria E coli

B)Algae Scenedesmus

C)Fungi Fusarium

D) Nematode Melodigyne incognita

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1.C) Generated by introducing foreign DNA into a cell and regenerating a plant from that cell

2. A) Transgenic tobacco 

3. A) Alleviation of vitamin A deficiency

4. C) Watermelon mosaic virus  

5. C) Golden rice

6. C) Flavr Savr tomato

7. C) Nematodes

8. D) give high yield and is rich in vitamin A

9. C) Insect-resistance

10. D) Hirudin

11.  B)Algae Scenedesmus

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