MCQ on Waste Management System | Environmental Science MCQ

1. The important categories of solid waste are:

a) municipal wastes

b) hazardous wastes

c) industrial wastes

d) all of these

2. Most harmful type of environmental pollutants are

a) Human organic wastes

b) waste animal feed

c) natural nutrients in excess

d) Non-biodegradable chemicals

MCQ on Waste Management System | Environmental Science MCQ

3. The newspaper contains one of the following toxic is

a) Cadmium

b) Pb

c) Mercury

d) Mg

4.The Love Canal Incidence’ is concerned with

a) Chemical plant accident

b) River pollution

c) nuclear explosion

d) Toxic waste dump


5. Domestic waste constitutes

a) Non-biodegradable pollution

b) effulents

c) air pollution

d) biodegradable pollution



6. The important steps in solid waste management are:

a) waste generation and collection

b) transport and disposal

c)on site handing, storage and processing

d) all of these


7. A waste is classified as hazardous if it shows:

a) toxicity and ignitability

b) corrosivity

c) reactivity

d) all of these


8. Which of the following is a biodegradable pollutant?

a) plastic

b) detergent

c) domestic sewage

d) all of these


9.Objective of Integrated Pest management is?

a) irradiation of pest

b) encouragement of pest

c)keep pest population below a threshold level

d) none of these


10. In waste water treatment method, the activated sludge process is a

a) pre-treatment method

b) primary treatment method

c) secondary treatment method

d) tertiary treatment method

 11. Burning of wastes is not an acceptable practice of Solid waste managemnet because

a) it is not cost effective

b) it involves lots of space and time

c) it causes environmental issues

d) it requires modern technology

 12. Biological removal of dissolved organic matter is done in which stage of waste water treatment?

a)Primary treatment method

b) Secondary treatment method

c) tertiary treatment method

d)both B and C 


1. d) all of these

2. d) Non-biodegradable chemicals

3. b) Pb

4. d) Toxic waste dump

5. d) biodegradable pollution 

6. d) all of these

7. d) all of these

8. c) domestic sewage

9. c) keep pest population below a threshold level

10. c) secondary treatment method

11. c) it causes environmental issues

12. b) Secondary treatment method

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