Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

MCQ on Diversity of Life - Classification System

1.  The group of similar plants which breed freely among themselves constitute a
a) Species
b) Family
c) Order
d) Genus

2. The five kingdom arrangements of organisms was proposed by
a) Whittakar
b) John Ray
c) Whitter 
d) Carl Woese

Organism - Animal diversity
3.  Which of the following definitions covers a greater number of organisms?
a) Class
b) Genus
c) Order
d) Family

4. Basic taxonomy unit is
b) Genus
c) Species
d) Order

5.   The replacement of two kingdom classification by five kingdom classification was proposed by the year
a) 1853
b) 1859
c) 1969
d) 1863

6.  An example for the artificial system of classification
a) Bentham and Hooker
b) Linnaeus system
c) Engler and Prantl
d) Hutichson

7. First step in taxonomy
a) Naming
b) Description
c) Identification

8. Binomial nomenclature means writing the name of plant in two words which designate
a) Order and family
b) Family and genus
c) Species and variety
d)Genus and species

9.  What is the correct descending sequence of taxonomic categories?  
a) Division-class-order-family-tribe-genus
b) Class-order-division-family-species-tribe
c) tribe-genus-class-division-family-order
d) Family-order-genus-order-division-class

taxonomy categories
Taxonomic Category
10. The term systematic was proposed by           
a) John Ray
b) Adanson
c) De-Vries
d) Julian Huxley

11.  Modern classification is based on
a) Physiology
b) Fossils
c) Phylogeny
d) Morphology

12. A small group of individuals or organisms which resemble closely in structure as well as function is called
a) Phylum
b) Family
c) Species
d) Genus

13. Taxon is
a) a genus
b) a species
c) a taxonomic unit
d) a taxonomic category of any rank

14. ‘System naturae’ was written by
      a) Linneaus
      b) Charles Darwin
      c) Aristole
      d) Wallace

15. A system of classification based on all important morphologically characters is termed as
a) Artificial system
b) Natural system
c) Genetic system
d) Both and b

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