Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

MCQ on Biology and its branches

1. Biology is the
a) Study of all living things
b) Study of life as recorded by fossils
c) Study of growth and differentiation in living organisms
d) Study of uniformity behind diversity in living things

2. Genetics is the study of
a) Heredity and variations
b) Forms and features of plant organs
c) Growth and differentiation in living organisms
d) Classification based on characters of somatic chromosomes

3. Pedology is the science of
a) Soil
b)  Diseases
c) Petals
d) Pollution

4. Agrostology is the cultivation
a) Fruits
b) Agricultural crops
c) Grasses
d) Vegetables

5.  Dendrology is the study of
a) Flowers
b) Grasses
c) Trees
d) Trees and shrubs

6. Study of Flowers
a) Flowerology
b) Anthology
c) Agrostology
d) Phenology

7.  The science of vegetable culture is called
a) Agriculture
b) Horticulture
c) Olericulture
d) Floriculture

8. Exobiology refers to the study of
a) Terrestrial organisms
b) Endodermis
c) Life on other planets
d) Life in the air

9. Study of seasonal flowering in plants known as
a) Anthology
b) Phenology
c) Dendrology
d) Pollenology

10. Palaentology is the study of
a) Primates
b) Fossils
c) Birds
d) Bones

11. Virology is the study of
a) Viruses
b) Viroids
c) Prions
d) Virusoids

12. Microbiology deals with
a) Microscopic plants
b) mycoplasma
c) Microbes
d) mites

13. Ethnobotany is a branch of botany dealing with
a) Algae
b) Terrestrial plants
c) Primitive plants
d) Relationship between the primitive people and the plants

14. The science of naming the plant is known as
a) Mycology
b) Taxonomy
c) Dendrology
d) Pedology

15. Study of light effects on living organisms constitutes:
a) Photobiology
b) Phenetics
c) Photoperiodism
d) Photomorphogenesis

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