Multiple Choice Questions on Phylum Chordata | Animal Kingdom MCQ

1. Which of the following structures is present in all the chordates?
a) Cranium
b) Notochord
c) Spinal cord
d) Vertebral column

2.Which of the following is a characteristic chordate character?
a) Autotomy
b) Myotomy
c) Pharyngotomy
d) Dermatotomy

3. The three germ layers , namely ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm are found in
a) All the chordates only
b) All the chordates except the protochordates
c) All the chordates and higher invertebrates
d) Higher chordates and higher invertebrates

4. Bilateral symmetry is seen in the body organisation of
a) Only chordates
b) Vertebrates only
c) Vertebrates, annelids, arthropods, and cnidarians
d) annelids, arthropods and vertebrates.

5. Paired segmental nerves have dorsal and ventral roots in
a) Annelids
b) Arthropods
c) Vertebrates
d) All of these

6. Which of the following organisms neither have notochord nor vertebral column in the adult stage?
a) Cephalochordates
b) Herdmania
c) Petromyzon
d) Bdellostoma

7. The term “head” in vertebrate morphology includes
a) brain and its protective coverings
b) brain, its protective coverings and also major sense organs
c) brain ,skull, sense organs and also jaws
d) brain, skull, sense organs, jaws and also pharyngeal skeleton

8. In which of the following the heart is not ventral in position?
a) Fish
b) Frog
c) Lamprey
d) Crabs

9. Centrum, pre and post -zygapophysis, transverse process are parts of
a) skull of frog
b) Vertebrae of frog
c) Sternum of frog
d) Pectoral girdle of frog

10. Schizocoelic phyla are
a) Protozoa, Porifera, Cnidarians, and Platyhelminthes
b) Platyhelminthes, Aschelminthes and Annelida
c) Annelida, Artropoda, and Mollusca
d) Arthropoda, Mollusc and Echinodermata

11. Which of the following is a vertebrate organism?
a) Cuttle fish
b) Cray fish
c)  Globe fish
d) Devil fish

12. In which of the following animals notochord does not persist throughout life?
a) Amphioxus
b) Tunicates
c) Petromyzon
d) Myxine

13. Pharyngeal gill slits
a) are unique chordate characteristic
b) are found in fishes, crabs, snails, aquatic insects
c)  are found in higher invertebrates and vertebrates
d) are not found in protochordates, but are present in vertebrates, at least during the embryonic life.

14. Hepatic portal system is present in all
a) amniotes only
b) anamniotes only
c) Amniotes and anamniotesonly
d) amphibians and mammals

15. In which of the animals the heart does not have the left and right auricles?
a) Cartilaginous and bony fishes
b) Frogs and toads
c) Lizards and snakes
d) Crocodiles and alligators

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