Multiple Choice Questions on Phylum Arthropoda | Animal Kingdom MCQ

1. Metamerically segmented, bilaterally symmetrical animals bearing jointed appendages. These are characteristic of
a)  Helminthes
b) Annelida
c) Mollusca
d) Arthropoda

2. Pronounced cephalisation is a characteristic
a)  Echinoderms
b) Annelida
c) Mollusca
d) Arthropoda

3. Hemocoelic body cavity is a characteristic of
a) Ascaris
b) Leech
c) Cockroach
d) Snails

4. Division of the body into head, thorax and abdomen is a characteristic of
a) Insecta
b) Insecta and Archnida
c) Insecta and Crustacea
d)  Insecta and Myriapoda

5. Most primitive arthropods belong to the class
a) Archnida
b) Insecta
c) Onychophora
d) Myriapoda

6.  Lung books are the respiratory organs of
a) Insects
b) Crustaceans
c) Archnids
d) Peripatus

7. The organs of taste in cockroach are present in
a) epipharynx only
b) hypopharynx
c) pharynx
d) palps and epipharynx

8.  The distal parts of Malpighian tubules in Cockroach
a) open into haemolymph
b)  open into coelomic cavity
c) float  freely in haemolymph
d) are attached to alimentary canal

9. The nitrogenous waste in cockroach is mainly excreted as
a) Urea
b) Uric acid
c) Ammonia
d) Urea and uric acid

10. A common feature between cockroach and earthworm is
a)  nephridia
b) ommatidia
c) coccon formation
d) ventral nerve cord

11. The male and female cockroach can be distinguished by their
a) size
b) wings
c) anal styles
d) colour

12. True and complete metamorphosis is found in
a) Silver fish
b) grass hopper
c) cockroach
d) moth and mosquito

13. The communication in bees by special body movements (dances) was discovered by
a) T.H. Morgan
b) Karl Von Frisch
c) Robert Koch
d) I.Pavlov

14. A photosensitive part of insect ommatidium is
a) crystalline connes
b) pigment cells
c) rhabdome
d) sensory neuron

15. The mouth parts of house fly are of
a) piercing and sucking type
b) biting and chewing type
c) sucking and sponging type
d) biting, sucking and lapping type

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