Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Phylum Annelida

Phylum Annelida
1.  Annelids show advancement over the nematode in having
a) Metameric segmentation
b) True coelom
c) Closed circulatory ststem
d) all of the above

2. Anticoagulant secreted by leech is
a) Heparin
b) Hirudin
c) Haematin
d) Hamoglobin

3. Leech belongs to the class
a) Oligochaeta
b) Hirudinea
c) Polycheta
d) Chaetopoda

4. Total marine annelids belong to the class
a) Oligochaeta
b) Hirudinea
c) Polycheta
d) Chaetopoda

5.  The mode of respiration in earthworm is
a) cutaneous
b) gills
c) Pulmonary
d) Subcutaneous

6.  The excretory units of Annelids are
a) uriniferous tubules
b) flame cells
c) Nephiridia
d) Nephrostomes

7.  The first body segment of earthworm is
a) Peristome
b) Peristomium
c) Protostomium
d) Protostome

8. The nephridia of earthworm without nephrostomes are
a) Integumentary
c) septal
d) both a and c

9. The mode of feeding in Leech is
a) Herbivorous
b) Carnivorous
c) Omnivorous
d) Sanguinivous

10. Which one is known as Nature’s plough man
a) Nereis
b) Cattle leech
c) Earhworm
d) Polygordius

11. In earthworm fertilization occurs in
a) oviduct
b) water
c) coon
d)  Ootheca

12. Chromophil cells in earthworm are concerned with the secretion of
a) Amylase
b) Protease
c) Lipases
d) Coccon

13.  Nereis is commonly called
a) Earhworm
b) Calm worm
c) Ring worm
d) Round worm

14. Role of typhlosole in the intestine of earthworm is
a) to increase absorptive surface
b) to control flow of blood
c) to produce digestive enzymes
d) to kill bacteria

15.  Hemoglobin is dissolved in plasma in
a) Earthworm
b) Ascaris
c) Tapeworm
d) Insects

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