MCQ on Animal Physiology - Nutrition

1.  Pepsin is secreted by
a) Zymogen cells of stomach
b) Zymogen cells of duodenum
c) paneth cells
d) None of these

2. The deficiency marasmus in children is caused by due to the deficiency of
a) Fats
b) Carbohydrates
c) Proteins
d) Vitamins

3. Starch is converted into maltase by the action of
a) invertase
b) amylase
c) sucrase
d) maltaase

4. The enzyme trypsin is found in
a) Pancreatic juice
b) Saliva
c) Bile juice
d) Intestinal juice

5. Crypts of Lieberkuhn is an example of

crypts of Lieberkuhn
Crypts of Lieberkuhn
a) Simple tubular gland
b) coiled tubular gland
c) Simple alveolar gland
d) Compound alveolar gland

6.  During fasting, in what sequence that are the following organic compound used up by the body?
a) First fats, next carbohydrates and lastly proteins
b)  First carbohydrates, next proteins and lastly lipids
c) First proteins, next lipids and lastly carbohydrates
d) First carbohydrates, next fats and lastly proteins

7.  The principal action of enteropeptidase is only to activate - of the pancreatic juice
a) amino peptidase
b ) trypsinogen
c) trpsin
d) chymotrypsin

8. Enteropeptidase enzyme present in
a) saliva
b) gastric juice
c) intestinal juice
d) pancreatic juice

9. Due to the protein deficiency if symptoms like thin limbs, related growth of body and brain, oedema, diarrhoea etc., develop, then the disease is called
a) Pellagra
b) Kwashiorkor
c) Marasmus
d) Megaloblastic anaemia

10. Brunner’s gland are found in
a) stomach
b) ileum
c) duodenum
d) rumen

11. The enzyme trypsin is found in
a) pancreatic juice
b) saliva
c) bile juice
d) intestinal juice

12. Dental formula of man is
a) 1223
b) 2132
c) 2123
d) 3212

13. Kuffer cells are found in
a) kidney
b ) liver
c) blood
d) heart

14. Stomach of camel does not have
a) rumen
b) reticulam
c) omasum
d) abomasum

15. The digestion of by amylase is completed in the
a) mouth
b) duodenum
c) ileum
d) stomach

Learn more:
1. a) Zymogen cells of stomach
2. c) Proteins
3. b) amylase
4. a) Pancreatic juice
5. a) Simple tubular gland
6. d) First carbohydrates, next fats and lastly proteins
7. b ) trypsinogen
8. c) intestinal juice
9. b) Kwashiorkor
10. c) duodenum
11. a) pancreatic juice
12. c) 2123
13. b ) liver
14. c) omasum
15. b) duodenum
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