MCQ on Digestive System

1. Duodenum has characteristic Brunner’s gland which secrete two hormones called
a) kinase, estrogen
b) secretin, chelecystokinin
c) prolactin, parathrormone
d) estradiol, progesterone

2. Epithelial cells of the intestine involved in food absorption have on their surface
a) pinocytic vesicles
b) Zymogen granules
c) phagocytic vesicles
d) microvilli

3. Which one of the following mammalian cells is not capable of metabolising glucose to carbon dioxide aerobically?
a) Liver cells
b) Red blood cells
c) White blood cells
d) Unstraiated muscle cells

Digestive System
Digestive System

4. Stool of a person is whitish grey coloured due to malfunction of the following organ?
a) Pancreas
b) Spleen
c)  Kidney
d) Liver

5. If pancreas is removed, the compound which remain undigested is
a) Proteins
b) Carbohydrates
c) Fats
d) all of these

6. Most of the fat digestion occurs in
a) Rectum
b) Stomach
c) Duodenum
d) Small intestine

7. Where is protein digestion accomplished?
a) Stomach
b) Ileum
c) Rectum
d) Duodenum

8. Which of the following is not involved in the stimulation of release of pancreatic juice?
a) gastrin
b) Secretin
c) Trypsinogen
d) Cholecystokinin

9. What is common among amylase, rennin and trypsin?
a) These are produced in stomach
b) These act at a pH lower than 7
c) These all are proteins
d) These all are proteolytic enzymes

10. Which of the following is correct pairing of site of action and substrate of rennin?
a) mouth-starch
b) stomach-fat
c) stomach -casein
d) small intestine-casein
1. b) secretin, chelecystokinin
2. d) microvilli
3. b) Red blood cells
4. d) Liver
5. d) all of these
6. d) Small intestine
7. b) Ileum
8. c) Trypsinogen
9. c) These all are proteins
10. c) stomach -casein


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