MCQ on Biophysics

1. The theory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) was elucidated by

a) Felix Bloch
b) Goldman
c) Richard wolf
d) Edward Purcell
2. Hertz is a unit of
a) Loudness
b) Intensity
c) Frequency
d) Power

3. UV rays cause
a) Deletion of Pyramidines
b) dimerisation of pyramidines
c) Substitution of purine for pyramidine
d) Cross linking of prrine with pyramidine
4. NMR spectroscopy is
a) Diffraction
b) Absorption
c) Radiation
d) Emission
5. NMR is based on
a) Nuclear fission
b) Charge of nucleus
c) Magnetically moment of the nucleus
d) Electrical moment of the nucleus
6. The best conductor of electricity
a) Graphite
b) Coal
c) Coke
d) Diamond
7. Weakest force is
a) Vander walls
b) Covalent bond
c) Ionic bond
d) Hydrogen bonding
8. All are associated with green house effect except
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Methane
c) Ozone
d) N2
9. Covalent bonding is between two molecules requires
a) Electron with opposite spins
b) No effect of spins
c) Electron with same spins
d) Electron of the same orbital
10. Strongest bond
a) Vander walls
b) Covalent bond
c) Electostastic
d) Hydrogen bonding
11. Radioactive substance emits the following rays except
a) Gamma
b) Beta
c) Alpha
d) X -rays
12. Instrument used for measurement of optical activity is


a) Spectrophotometer
b) Polarimeter
c) Calorimeter
d) Infantometer
1. a) Felix Bloch & d) Edward Purcell
2. c) Frequency
3. b) dimerisation of pyramidines
4. b) Absorption
5. c) Magnetically moment of the nucleus
6. a) graphite
7. a) Vander walls
8. d) N2
9. a) Electron with opposite spins
10. b) Covalent bond
11. d) X -rays
12. b) Polarimeter

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