Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Biochemistry

1. Which of the following mineral element facilitates insulin binding to cell receptor site?
a) Zinc
b) Selenium
c) Copper
d) Chromium
2. Which of the following is a folate analog?
Folate 3D Methotrexate -3D
a) Carnosine
b) Aniserine
c) Azaserine
d) Methotrexate
3. ATP concentration is maintained relatively constant during muscle contraction by
a) Increasing the metabolic activity
b) The action of creatine phosphokinase
c) The action of adenylate kinase
d) all of the above
4. The cone of retina
a) Are responsible for colour vision
b) Are much more numerous than rods
c) Have red, blue and green light- sensitive pigment that differ because of small difference in the retinal prosthetic group
d) Do not use transducin in signal transduction
5. The C 21 steroid hormones include
a) Vitamin D3
b) Estradiol
c) Testosterone
d) Aldosterone
6. Which of the following oxidoreductases form hydrogen peroxide as one of its products?
a) Oxidases
b) Peroxidases
c) Dehydrogenases
d) Oxygenases
7. The major protein responsible for the storage of iron
a) Ferredoxin
b) Ferretin
c) Hemosiderine
d) Transferine

8. Which of the following is an excitatory neurotransmitter?
a) Glutamate
c) Glycine
d) Taurine
9. Which of the following is not involved in enzyme regulation?
a) Covalent modification
b) Competitive inhibition
c) Suicide inhibition
d) Allosteric activation
10. The preferred substrate for hexokinase is
a) Glucose
b) Fructose
c) Glucose and fructose are equally preferred
d) None of these
  1. d) Chromium
  2. d) Methotrexate
  3. d) all of the above
  4. a) Are responsible for colour vision
  5. d) Aldosterone
  6. a) Oxidases
  7. b) Ferretin
  8. a) Glutamate
  9. c) Suicide inhibition
  10. a) Glucose

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