Multiple Choice Questions on Lichens - Reproduction and Economic Importance

1. Vegetative reproduction in lichen occurs by 
a) Soredia
b) Isidia
c) fragmentation
d) all of these

2. In sexual reproduction, the fruiting body formed is of
a) apothecium type
b) perithecium type
c) both and b
d) none of these
3. Asexual reproduction in lichen takes place by formation of
a) zygopores
b) aplanospores
c) pycnidiospores
d) chlamydospores

4. In lichens, sexual reproduction is carried out by
a) fungal partner
b) algal partner
c) both a and b
d) depends on habitat

5. The male reproductive organ is called
a) carpogonium
b) trichogyne
c) hymenium
d) spermagonium
6. The female reproductive organ is called
a) carpogonium
b) trichogyne
c) hymenium
d) spermagonium

7. The fertile layer of ascocarp where ascus is located is called
a) paraphysis
b) hymenium
c) peridium
d) subhymenium

8. Each ascus contains generally
a) 2 ascospores
b) 4 ascospores
c) 8 ascospores
d)16 ascospores

9. If both algal cells and fungal hyphae are uniformly distributed in lichen formation, then called as 
a) homoisomerous lichen
b) heteroisomerous lichen
c) homoheteroisomerous
d)hemiisomerous lichen

10. Litmus is obtained from
a) Usnea
b) Cladonia
c) Peltigera
d) Roccella
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1. d) all of these
2. c) both and b
3. c) pycnidiospores
4. a) fungal partner
5. d) spermagonium
6. a) carpogonium
7. b) hymenium
8. c) 8 ascospores
9. a) homoisomerous lichen
10. d) Roccella
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