Multiple Choice Questions on Environmental Pollution

1. The unfavourable alteration of environment due to human activities is termed as
a) ecological disturbance
b) catastrophe
c) ecological degradation
d) pollution
2. Which of the following is the best indicator of SO2 pollution
a) bryophyte
b) pteridophyte
c) Lichen
d) algae
 3. Heavy dust can cause
a) leaf blights
b) opening of stomata
c) closure of stomata
d) browning of leaves
4. Which of the following is the major cause of pollution
a) plants
b) man
c) fungi
d) hydrocarbon gases
5. Minamata disease was caused by pollution of water by
a) mercury
b) lead
c) tin
d) methyl iso cyanate
6. BOD stands for
a) biotic oxidation demand
b) biological oxidation demand
c) biological oxygen demand
d)biochemical oxygen demand
7. A river with high BOD value is

a) highly polluted
b) highly clean
c) highly productive
d) none of these
8. 5th June is observed as
a) world forest day
b) world environment day
c) world wildlife day
d) world population day
9. Cement factory labourers are prone to
a) leukemia
b) bone marrow disease
c) asbestosis
d) cytosilicosis
10. Noise is measured using sound meter and the unit is
a) hertz
b) decibel
c) joule
d) sound
Learn more
1. d) pollution
2. c) Lichen
3. c) closure of stomata
4. d)hydrocarbon gases
5. a) mercury
6. c) biological oxygen demand
7. a) highly polluted
8. b) world environment day
9. d) cytosilicosis
10. b) decibel
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