Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Air pollution

1. Air pollution is severe in
Sources of Air pollution
a) Cities
b) Industrialised areas
c) Densely populated areas
d) all of these
2. Particulate pollutants are
a) are small solid particles and liquid droplets
b) liquid droplets in atmosphere
c) are small solid particles released into the atmosphere
d) all of these
3. All are particulate pollutants except
a) dust
b) ozone
c) soot
d) smoke
4. Fine organic or inorganic particles suspended in air is called
a) particulate pollutant
b) gaseous pollutant
c) aerosol
d) none of these
5. Which of the following is a secondary pollutant
a) CO2
b) CO
c) O3
d) SO2
6. Air pollution can be of
a) natural origin
b) artificial or man made origin
c) both a and b
d) b only
7. Mobile combustion accounts
a) 10-20% of air pollution
b) 40-50% of air pollution
c) 50-60 % of air pollution
d) 5-10 % of air pollution
8. The true statement about ‘green house effect’ is that it is
a)  caused by combination of many gases
b) caused by  CO2
c)  caused only by CO2, CFC, CH4  and NO2 gases
d)  None of these
9. The supersonic jets cause pollution by the thinning of
a) CO2 layer
b) SO2 layer
c)  O3 layer
d)  O2 layer
10. Carbon mono oxide is a pollutant because
a) it reacts with O2
b) it inhibits glycolysis
c)  makes nervous system inactive
d) reacts with haemoglobin
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1. d) all of these
2. a) are small solid particles and liquid droplets
3. b) ozone
4. c) aerosol
5. c) O3
6. c) both a and b
7. c) 50-60 % of air pollution
8. c) caused only by CO2, CFC, CH4 and NO2 gases
9. c) O3 layer
10. d) reacts with haemoglobin

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