Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Water Pollution

1. Which of the following is the most harmful cause of oceanic water pollution?
Multiple Choice on Water Pollution mcq
a) plastic waste
b) Industrial effluents
c) oil spills
d) domestic waste
2.  Which of the following is the leading cause of death and diseases worldwide?
a) water pollution
b) radioactive pollution
c) air pollution
d) soil pollution
3. All the following are notorious oil spills except
a) Deepwater Horizon, 2010
b) Love canal disaster
c) Exxon Valdes, 1991
d) Gulf War, 1991
4. Eutrophication by sewage pollution refers to the
a) nutrient enrichment of freshwater bodies
b) nutrient depletion of freshwater bodies
c) toxic chemical accumulation in freshwater bodies
d) Heavy metal accumulation in freshwater bodies
5. Which of the following is the major reason for algal bloom?
a) presence of heavy metals
b) contamination by pathogens
c) Eutrophication
d) Soil erosion
6. Which of the following is the major cause of biomagnifications?
a) Eutrophication
b) detergent pollution
c) Pesticide pollution
d) Industrial pollution
7. Which of the following is an indicator of organic water pollution?
a) BOD
b) pH
c)  Salinity
d)  Eutrophication
8. Blue baby syndrome is due to the presence of
a) excess sulphate in drinking water
b) excess chlorine in drinking water
c)  excess heavy metals in drinking water
d)  excess nitrates in drinking water
9. Mercury poisoning in water is the reason for  
a) Pellegra
b) Minimata disease
c) Itai-Itai disease
d)  Scurvy
10. Itai-itai disease is caused by
a) Pb poisoning
b) Cd poisoning
c) Hg poisoning
d) Cu poisoning
1. c)  oil spills
2. a) water pollution
3.  b) Love canal disaster
4.  a) nutrient enrichment of freshwater bodies
5. c) Eutrophication
6. c) Pesticide pollution
7. a) BOD
8. d)  excess nitrates in drinking water
9. b) Minimata disease
10. b) Cd poisoning

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