Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Staining

1. Which of the following is not a natural stain
a) Brazilin
b) Carmine
c) Safranine
d) Hematoxylin
2. Which of the following is commonly used in Gram staining?
a) Hematoxyline
b) Acetocarmine
c) Crystal violet
d) Rhodamine
3. Which of the following is a common nuclear stain?
a) Safranin
b) Fast green
c) Hematoxylin
d) Erythrosine
4. Carmine is obtained from
a) Plants
b) Fungus
c) Insects
d) Bacteria
5. Which of the following is a cytoplasmic stain

Staining by hematoxylin-eosin stain
a) Eosin
b) Crystal violet
c) Carmine
d) Orcein
6. Lipids are commonly stained using
a) Fast green
b) Orange G
c) Sudan stain
d) Acetocarmine
7. Which of the following is good for staining proteins?
b) Ethidium bromide
c) Coomassie blue
8. Which of the following is not a fluorescent stain?
a) aniline blue
b) acridine orange
c) propidium iodide
d) rhodamine
9. Which of the following is a protein specific florescent dye?
b) acridine orange
c) ethidium bromide
d) rhodamine
10. Which is the stain commonly used in electron microscopy?
a) ethidium bromide
b) Osmium tetroxide
c) Bismarck browm
d) Nile red

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1. c) Safranine
2. c) Crystal violet
3. c) Hematoxylin
4. c) Insects
5. a) Eosin
6. c) Sudan stain
7. c) Coomassie blue
8. a) aniline blue
9. d) rhodamine
10. b) Osmium tetroxide

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