Multiple Choice Questions on Haematopoietic System

1. The life span of thrombocytes is
a) 4 to 5 weeks
b) 3 to 7 weeks
c) 3 to 7 days
d)  None of these

2. The most abundant granulocytes in human blood is
a) neutrophils
b) monocytes
c) basophils
d)  eosinophils

3. Which of the following types of leukocytes are characterised by the presence of S shaped nucleus?
a) eosinophil
b) basophil
c) monocyte
d)  neutrophil

4. The leukocytes contain which of the following in large quantity?
Erythrocytes and Leukocytes
a) neutrophil
b) basophil
c) monocyte
d)  eosinophil

5. Which statement is true for WBC?
a) produced in thymus
b) non nucleated
c) in deficiency cancer is caused
d)  can squeeze through blood capillaries

6. Erythropoietin is formed in
a) kidney
b) spleen
c) red bone marrow
d)  liver

7. Megakaryocytes give rise to
a) erythrocytes
b) agranulocytes
c) granulocytes
d)  thrombocytes

8. The formation of erythrocytes in foetus takes place in
a) liver and spleen
b) red bone marrow
c) blood plasma
d)  all of these

9. In a healthy adult man, the commonest and smallest type of leukocytes are
a) lymphocytes
b) basophils
c) eosinophils
d)  all of these

10. The production of red blood cells in the bone marrow is regulated by
a) renin
b) rennin
c) erythropoietin
d) calcium

Learn more:
1. c) 3 to 7 days
2. a) neutrophils
3. b) basophil
4. a) neutrophil
5. d)  can squeeze through blood capillaries
6. a) kidney
7. d)  thrombocytes
8. a) liver and spleen
9. a) lymphocytes
10. c) erythropoietin

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