MCQ on Animal Physiology - Circulation

1. Open vascular system is found in
a) Man
b) Fish
c) Prawn
d) Snakes

2. Animal possess canal system
a) Sponges
b) Annelids
c) Mollusc
d) Echinoderms

3. Incomplete divided ventricle can be seen in the heart of
a) Amphibians
b) Reptiles
c) Crocodiles
d) Fish

4. Heart of Crocodile is
a) Single chambered
b) Two chambered
c) Three chambered
d) Four chambered

Human heart
5. Pulmonary artery originates from 
a) Right ventricle
b) Right auricle
c) Left auricle
d) Left ventricle

6.  Deoxygenated blood is carried in
a) Pulmonary artery
b) Pulmonary vein
c) Carotid artery
d) Aorta

7.  The pace maker of the heart

SA node, AV node and His- Purkinje Network

a) Bundle of His
b) A V node
c) S A node
d) Purkinje fibres

8. Which of the following is different from others in the absence of muscular coat?
a) Arteries
b) Veins
c) Capillaries
d) Arterioles

9. Pulse beat is measured from
a) artery
b) Vein
c) Capillary
d) Nerve

10. The membraneous covering of the heart is
a) meninges
b) pericardium
c) pleura
d) peritoneum

11. Oedema is caused by
a) Increased in capillary pressure
b) Increased permeability of the capillary walls
c) Decreased rate of return of lymph
d) None of these

12. Blood pressure is measured by
a) electrocardiogram
b) sthescope
c) Clinical thermometer
d) Sphygmomanometer

13. Blood flows through sinuses in
a) Open circulation
b) Portal circulation
c) Closed circulation
d) Systemic circulation

14. Blood vessels taking from the lungs to the heart are
a) Pulmonary artery
b) Aorta
c) Portal veins
d) Pulmonary veins

15. Which organ receives only oxygenated blood?
a) Lung
b) Liver
c) Spleen
d) Gill

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