Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Evolution - Origin of life

1. First life on earth was
a) cyanobacteria
b) autotrophs
c) photo autotrophs
d) chemoheterotrophs

2. One of the possible early sources of energy were/ was
a) green plants
b) carbon dioxide
c) chlorophyll
d) UV rays and lightening

3. First experiment regarding evolution of life was performed by
a) Watson and Crick
b) Oparin and Haldane
c) Urey and Miller
d) Meselson and Stahl

4. Coacervates were formed by
a) DNA
b) radiations
c) polymerisation
d) polymerisation and aggregation

5. Miller and Urey performed an experiment to prove origin of life. They look for gases NH3 and H2 along with?
a) N2 and H2O
b) H2O and CH4
c) CO2 and N2
d) CH4 and N2

6. According to Oparin, which one of the following was not present in the primitive atmosphere of the earth?
origin of life
a) methane
b) hydrogen
c) water vapour
d) oxygen

7. Swan neck flask experiment was performed by 
a) Oparin and Haldane
b) Darwin
c) Aristotle
d) Louis Pasteur

8. Coacervates were experimentally produced by
a) Urey and Miller
b) Jacob and Monad
c) Oparin
d) Fischer and Huxley

9. Finding of Miller’s experiment on origin of life has provided evidence for the a) theory of special creation
b) theory of biogenesis
c) theory of abiogenesis
d) theory of organic evolution

10. Theory of abiogenesis was put forward by
a) Spallanzani
b) F.Redi
c) Van Helmont
d) Pasteur
Learn more:
1. d) chemoheterotrophs
2. d) UV rays and lightening
3. c) Urey and Miller
4. d) polymerisation and aggregation
5. b) H2O and CH4
6. d) oxygen 7. d) Louis Pasteur
8. c) Oparin
9. c) theory of abiogenesis
10. c) Van Helmont

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Unknown said...

question number 6 is not correctly given.
Please write it correctly by putting "not present" in the question

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