Multiple Choice Questions on Digestive glands

1. Secretion of gastric juice is stimulated by
a) enterogastrin
b) gastrin
c) cholecstokini
d) None of these

2. Bile acts as activator of which enzyme
a) lipase
b) pepsinogen
c) pancreatic amylase
d) trypsinogen

3.HCI of the gastric juice
a)activates both pepsin and ptyalin
b) inactivates both pepsin and ptyalin
c) activates pepsin and inactivates ptyalin
d) activates ptyalin and inactivates pepsin

4. Cholecystokinin stimulates
a) pancreas
b) gall bladder
c) gastric gland
d) none of these

5. Brunner’s glands are present in
brunners gland
b) ileum
c) duodenum
d) oesophagus

6. Crypts of Lieberkuhn are present in
c) oesophagus
d)all of these

7. Succcus entericus is secreted by
a) Crypts of Lieberkuhn
b) Peyers patches
c) Auerbach’s plexus
d)Brunner’s gland

8. Oxyntic cells secrete
a) trypsin
b) HCI

9. The largest gland in the human body is
b) brain
c) liver
d)gall bladder

10. The hepatic cells which act as phagocytes are
a)kuffer cells
b)acinar cells
c)Hansen’s cells
d)none of these
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1. b) gastrin
2. a) lipase
3. c) activates pepsin and inactivates ptyalin
4. b) gall bladder
5. c) duodenum
6. a)intestine
7. a) Crypts of Lieberkuhn
8. b) HCI
9. c) liver
10. a)kuffer cells


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