Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Heredity

1. Which of the following best expresses the concept of the word ‘allele’?
a) Genes for wrinkled and yellow
b) Genes for wrinkled and round
d)the expression of agene

2. A human genetic defect that is caused by nondisjuction of the sex chromosome is
a) Sickle cell anemia
b) red green color blindness
c) Down syndrome
d) Turner syndrome

3. The inheritance of skin colour in humans is an example of which of the following?
a) Epistasis
b) Gene linkage
c) polygeneic inheritance
d) codominance

4. In tobacco, if the diploid number of chromosomes is 48, how many chromosomes will be found in a pollen grain?
a) 96
b) 48
c) 24
d) 12

5. Which of the following gives information about the phenotype but not the genotype?
a) XHY.
b) Hemophiliac man.
c) Tall pea plant.
d) Female carrier for colour-blindness.

6. An example of alleles is:
a) AB and Tt.
b) TT and Tt.
c) T and t.
d). X and Y.

7) Genetic traits of seeds are noted as follows:
L = long, l = short
W = wrinkled, w = smooth
Y = yellow, y = white
R = ribbed, r = grooved
Which of the following is the genotype for a short, wrinkled, yellow, grooved seed?
a) llWwyyrr
c) LlWwYYRr
d) llWwYYrr

8) An example of a genotype is:
a) A tall pea plant.
b) R and r.
c) TtHH.
d) Hemophiliac.

9) A pedigree chart shows:
Dominant trait pedigree
a) The genotypic ratios of the offspring.
b) The types of gametes produced by the parents.
c) The pattern of inheritance of a specific gene.
d)Which genes are co-dominant.

10) Mendel discovered principles of inheritance because he:
a)Observed simultaneously all of the many characteristics in which the parents differed.
b) Believed that the hereditary characteristics of two individuals became thoroughly blended in
the offspring.
c) Ignored all characteristics except a few markedly contrasting ones in which he studied.
d) Studied only the offspring obtained from a single mating.

Learn more:
1. b) Genes for wrinkled and round
2. d) Turner syndrome
3. c) polygeneic inheritance
4. c) 24
5. c) Tall pea plant.
6. c) T and t.
7. d) llWwYYrr
8. c) TtHH.
9. c) The pattern of inheritance of a specific gene.
10. c) Ignored all characteristics except a few markedly contrasting ones in which he studied.

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