Multiple Choice Questions on Agricultural Biotechnology

1. Two bacteria most useful in genetic engineering are
a)Rhizobium and Azobacter
b)Nitrosomonas and Klebsilla
c)Escherichia and Agrobacterium
d)Rhizobium and Diplococcus
2. Transposon is known as
a)IS element
b)Jumping gene
c)conservative gene
d)co integrate gene
3. The uptake of plasmid DNA into the bacterial cell is facilitated by the presence of --- in the medium
a) Calcium Chloride
b) Potassium chloride
c) Magnesium chloride
d) none of these
4. The travel of gene expression and gene activation can be measured using which of the following?
a) Reporter gene
b) Marker gene
c)Gene sequences
d)Promoter element
5. The enzyme required to obtained wall free/ nacked protoplasts are
a) cellulase and proteinase
b) cellulase and pectinase
c) cellulase and amylase
d) amylase and pectinase
6. A synchronous culture is one in which the majority of cells proceed through
a) Lag phase
b) Log phase
c) exponential phase
d) each cell cycle phase (G1, S, G2 and M)
7. DNA molecules, identical except for different numbers of superhelical turns are called
a) Chain isomers
b) Topoisomers
c) Helical isomers
d) Geometrical isomers
8. Application of embryo culture is in
a) clonal propagation
b) Production of alkaloids
c) Production of soma clonal variation
d)overcoming hybridisation barrier

9. Haploid culture are got from

a) leaves
b) root tips
c) pollen grain
d) bud

10. Differentiation of shoot in plant tissue culture is controlled by
a)high auxin : cytokinin ratio
b) high cytokinin : auxin ratio
c) high gibberellin : cytokinin ratio
d) high gibberellin: auxin ratio
Learn more:
1.c) Escherichia and Agrobacterium
2.b) Jumping gene
3.a) Calcium Chloride
4.b) Marker gene
5.b) cellulase and pectinase
6.d) each cell cycle phase (G1, S, G2 and M)
7.b) Topoisomers
8.d) overcoming hybridisation barrier
9.c) pollen grain
10.b) high cytokinin : auxin ratio


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