MCQ on Animal Biotechnology

1. In animal cell cultures, the addition of serum to media is essential for providing?
a) growth factors
b) amino acid for protein synthesis
c) nucleotide for DNA synthesis
d) all of these

2. cdc mutant useful for the study of
a)various stages of cell cycle
c)Apoptosis only
d)chromosome break point

3. Recombinant DNA human health care product developed for treating haemophiliacs is
a) interferon
b) lymphokines
c) coaglutation factor IX
d) phytohemaglutinin

4. Which of the following has been produced commercially from mammalian culture?
a) insulin
b) renin
c) plasminogen activator
d)antibacterial antibody

5. A heterologous protein for its expression in the milk of a transgenic animal should be under the control of the promoter of the gene coding for 
a) preproinsulin
b) Lac Z
c)β globin
d) β lactoglobulin

6. Aminopterine is used during the production of hybridoma cells because it

a) Blocks the salvage pathway
b) Prevents the growth of B cells
c) Prevents the growth of myeloma cells
d) Blocks the synthesis of Ig by B cells

7. Antibody diversity is generated by
a) Allelic exclusion
b) Protein splicing
c) Somatic mutation
d) Interchromosomal recombination

8. Reverse vaccinology indicates
a) from antibody to vaccine development
b) from genome sequence to vaccine development
c) from antigenic polysaccharide to vaccine development
d) from antigenic protein to vaccine development

9. The culture fluid of 1000 to 5000 colonies of hybridoma are screened for monoclonal antibody by
P- Antigen capture analysis Q- Western blot analysis
R-Northern blot analysis S-antibody capture analysis
a) P, Q
b) R, S
c) Q, S
d) P, S

10. All of the following are produced by animal cells in culture and help the cells adhere to the culture dish except
a) collagen
b) glycoprotein
c) phospholipase A
d) hyaluronic acid
Learn more:

1.a) growth factors
2. a)various stages of cell cycle
3. c) coaglutation factor IX
4. c) plasminogen activator
5. d) β lactoglobulin
6. a) Blocks the salvage pathway
7. a) Allelic exclusion
8. d) from antigenic protein to vaccine development
9. d) P, S
10. c) phospholipase A

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