Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Food Processing

1. The process which gelatinised starch gets converted liquid to gel is called as
a) Putrefaction
b) Gel formation
c) Gelatinisation
d) Retrogradation
Production of cheese
2. The enzymatic browning is due to the oxidation of phenols is
a) phenolase
b) tyrosinase
c) catecholase
d) orthoquinones
3. MSG is used as
a) Colour enhancer
b) Thickening agent
c) Flavour enhancer
d) Emulsifier
4. Vacreation refers to
a) Vacuum packaging
b) Vacuum creation
c) Vacuum sterilization
d) Vacuum pasteurization
5. What is the reason for blanching vegetables prior to freezing?
a) to maintain colour
b) to improve texture
c) to prevent microbial activity
d) to denature enzymes
6. Expand AFD
a) Accelerated Fish Drying
b) Accelerated Force Drying
c) Accelerated Freeze Drying
d) Accelerated Frequencing Drying
7. The device helps to detect the odour and flavour of food sample
a) Electronic nose
b) Electronic detector
c) Electronic analyser
d) Elecctronic odour separator
8. MPN stands for
a) Most Probable Number
b) Multi Probable Number
c) Maximum Probable Number
d) Minimum Probable Number
9. The preservation technique using radiation is also known as
a) cold sterilization
b) dry sterilization
c) heat sterilization
d) uperization
10. Phosphatase test is used in the analysis of
a) water
b) tea
c) milk
d) all of these
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1.d) Retrogradation
2. d) orthoquinones
3. c) Flavour enhancer
4. d) Vacuum pasteurization
5. d) to denature enzymes
6. c) Accelerated Freeze Drying
7. a) Electronic nose
8. a) Most Probable Number
9. a) cold sterilization
10. c) milk

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