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Multiple Choice on Human Genome Project (HGP)

1. The Human Genome Project was initiated by
a) NIH and DOE
b) NIH and EBI
c) NIH and DDBJ
d) DOE and DDBJ
2. The prime objective of HGP was
a) To find out the exact functions of proteins in humans
b) To sequence the entire base pairs that makes up the 23 chromosomes
c) To sequence the entire base pairs that makes up the 24 chromosomes
d) To find out the active genes in human genome
3. HGP was also focused on identifying
multiple choice on Human genome project
a) SNPs
b) VNTRs
c) Minisatellites
d) Junk DNA
4. At the initial stage of HGP, the estimated time and budget was
a) 30 years, $100 billion
b) 15 years and $ 15 billion
c) 10 years and $ 6 billion
d) 15years and $ 3 billion
5. The private company involved in Human genome sequencing in parallel with HGP was
a) Roche
b) Gilead
c) Celera
d) Genentech
6. According to HGP, human genome consists of approximately
a) 100000 genes
b) 50000 genes
c) 30000 genes
d) 20000 genes
7. The first draft of HGP was published in 2001 in the journal
a) ‘Science’
b)’ Cell’
c) ‘Nature’
d) ‘Plos Biology
8. Which of the following vectors are widely used in HGP?
a) plasmid and cosmid
b) lambda phage and M13 vectors
c) phagemid and shuttle vectors
d) BAC and YAC
9. According to HGP, genetic similarity between all humans is
a) 90%
b) 95%
c) 99.9%
d) 99.5%
10. The largest gene in humans is
a) titin
b) dystrophin
c) Insulin
d) Phosphofructokinase
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1.  a) NIH and DOE
2. c) To sequence the entire base pairs that makes up the 24 chromosomes
3. a) SNPs
4. d) 15years and $ 3 billion
5. c) Celera
6. d) 20000 genes
7. c) ‘Nature’
8. d) BAC and YAC
9. c) 99.9%
10. b) dystrophin

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