MCQ on Discoveries in Molecular Biology

1. Who is the one awarded with Nobel Prize for contribution towards elucidation of 3D structure of DNA along with Watson and Crick?
Watson and Crick
a) Rosalind Franklin
b) Maurice Wilkins 
c) Linus Pauling
d) Temin

2. Andrew Z Fire and Craig C Mello got Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of  
a) Split genes
b) Transposons
c) Ribozymes
d)  RNA interference mechanism

3. Stanley Prusiner, Nobel winner of 1997 discovered bizarre infectious protein particle called as
a) Prions
b) Viroids
c) Virusoids
d) Proteomes

4. The key enzyme that helped Kary Mullis in the invention of PCR was
a) Ligase
b) Taq Polymersae
c) Restriction endonuclease
d) Vent polymerase

5. “All enzymes are proteins” this was the concept before the discovery of ribozymes or catalytic RNAs by
a) Roberts and Sharp
b) Cech and Altman
c) Alwin and Towbin
d)  Sanger

6. Bacterial conjugation was discovered by  
a) Beadle and Tatum
b) Meselson and Stahl
c) Lederberg and Tatum
d) Griffith

7. The first confirmation regarding the status of DNA as genetic material was given by the work of Avery, Macleod and McCarty on
a) E.coli
b) Diplococcus pneumoniae
c) Klebsiella
d) T2 phage

8. DNA finger printing using β KM-DNA probe was developed by 
a) Alec Jeffrey
b) Kary Mullis
c) Watson
d)  Lalji Singh

9. ‘Central dogma of Biology’ was put forward by
a) Watson
b) Crick
c) Temin
d) Khorana

10. The discovery of restriction enzyme actually paved way towards the development of modern biotechnology or rDNA technology. The discoverers are
a) Kary Mullis and Mc Clintock
b) Arber, Nathans and Smith
c) Milstein and Saiki
d) Sanger, Maxam and Gilbert

1. b) Maurice Wilkins 
2. d)  RNA interference mechanism
3. a) Prions
4 . b) Taq Polymersae
5. b) Cech and Altman
6. c) Lederberg and Tatum
7. b) Diplococcus pneumoniae
8. d)  Lalji Singh
9. b) Crick
10. b) Arber, Nathans and Smith

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