Multiple Choice Questions on Entomology

1. Which of the following is the smallest order of class Insecta?
a) Hemiptera
b) Odonata
c) Zeroptera
d) Coleoptera
2. Chewing and cutting type of mouth parts are found in
Mouth parts of insects

a) cotton leaf roller
b) coton jassid
c) Mustard aphid
d)army worm
3. The main characteristic feature of an insect is
a) three pair of legs
b) Presence of wings
c) Pair of antennae
d) all of these
4. Piercing and sucking type of mouth parts are found in
Mouth parts of insects

a) cotton leaf roller
b) coton jassid
c) Mustard aphid
d) pink boll worm
5. The damaging stage of red hairy caterpillar is
a) larva
b) nymph and adult
c) maggot
d) grub and adult
6. Chewing and biting type of mouth parts are found in
a) grass hopper
b) bettle
c) honeybee
d) obligate
7. The year in which destructive insect and pest act was enforced
a) 1914
b) 1954
c) 1964
d) 1974
8. The damaging stage of white grub is
a) larva
b) only adult
c) grub and adult
d) nymph and adult
9. The true name of BHC is
a) aldrin
10. Which of the following insecticides is capable of controlling mites?
a) Toxaphene
1. c) Zeroptera
2. d)army worm
3. a) three pair of legs
4. c)Mustard aphid
5. a) larva
6. a) grass hopper
7. a) 1914
8. c)grub and adult
9. b)HCN
10. b)Cypermethrin


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