Multiple Choice Questions on Food Preservation

1. Pasteurization is the process of heating milk
a) above 1210C
b) above the boiling point
c) below boiling point
d) above 1500C

2. The process of preserving food by rapid freezing followed by dehydration under vacuum is called
a) Lyophilisation
b) Sterilization
c) Cold Dehydration
d) Cryopreservation

3. ‘Cold sterilization’ refers to the preservation of food by
a) Refrigeration
b) Radiation
c) Dehydration
d) Lyophilisation

4. All the following techniques are household preservation technique except
a) Smoking
b) Lyophilisation
c) Dehydration
d) Salting

5. What is the purpose for blanching (immersing food in hot water) vegetables during canning?
a) to soften products to fill better
b) to denature enzymes that change colour, texture
c) to reduce microbial population
d) All of the above

6. Who is regarded as the father of canning?
a) Nicolas Appert
b) Louis Pasteur
c) John Hall
d) Bryan Dokin

7. The method of preventing or reducing pathogens in food products by combining many methods like high temperature during processing, low temperature during storage, increasing the acidity etc is called
a) Mixed preservation approach
b) High pressure food preservation
c) Hurdle technology
d) Stumbling technology

8. Which of the following methods dehydrates microbial cells by plasmolysis thereby killing them?
a) sugaring  
b) smoking
c) heating
d) Pasteurization

9. The reason for food spoilage is
a) Growth of microorganisms like bacteria, fungus etc or insects
b) Autolysis
c) Oxidation by air that causes rancidity or colour changes
d) all of the above

10. The process of preserving meat by stewing in a covered earthenware jug 
a) burial
b) curing
c) jugging
d) all of these
1. c) below boiling point
2. a) Lyophilisation
3. b) Radiation
4. b) Lyophilisation
5. d) All of the above
6. a) Nicolas Appert
7. c) Hurdle technology
8. a) sugaring  
9. d) all of the above
10.c) jugging


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  1. It so nice concept presentnation done through mcq form that.leads to.deep understanding the purpose of each methods in food technology

  2. It is good to test oneself about food preservation knowledge from basic to deep through these mcqs

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