Botany Exam Questions (Plant science MCQ)

1. Match the following  (SET Botany, 2017)
List I (chemical compound)
List II (Function)
a. Chloramphenicol
1. Alternative electron donor to PS II
b. Reserpine
2. Mitochondrial inhibitor
c. Rotenone
3. Inhibits chloroplastic protein
d. Ascorbic acid
4. Antihypertensive drug

Choose the correct one:
A) a-1; b-3; c-2; d-4
B) a-3; b-4; c-2; d-1
C) a-2; b-3; c-4; d-1
D) a-4; b-2; c-3; d-1

2. During the course of prolonged starvation and fasting, glucose is synthesized from one of the following metabolic process. (SET Botany, 2017)
A) Glycogenesis
B) Glycolysis
C) Gluconeogenesis
D) Fermentation

3. In aroids a foul smell emanates at the time of the emergence of the inflorescence, which basically is due to alternative oxidation pathway. Arrange the various steps of the respective process and related events in appropriate order(SET Botany, 2017)
1. Volatilisation of indoles and sulphur compounds
2. Temperature generation
3. Oxygen is converted to water
4. Movement of electrons from Ubiquinone to alternate oxidase
A) 1,2,3,4
B) 4,3,2,1
C) 4,2,1,3
D) 4,1,2,3

4. Following are a few statements related to the mitochondrial electron transport in plants. Pick out the correct statements. (SET Botany, 2017)
1. NAD(P)H dehydrogenase complex facing intermebrane space facilitate oxidation of NAD(P)H
2. NAD(P)H dehydrogenase is sensitive to rotenone
3. Alternate oxidase supports cyanide resistant respiratory pathway
4. Terminal oxidase is sensitive to potassium cyanide
A) 1,2,3 only are correct
B) 2,3,4 only are correct
C) 1,3,4 only are correct
D) All are correct

5. In the water oxidizing clock which metal element functions as the pivotal component?(SET Botany, 2017)
A) Mg2+
B) Mn2+
C) Cu
D) Fe

6. What is meant by lichenometry? (SET Botany , 2017)
A) Study regarding the age of lichens.
B) Study of the age of exposed rock surfaces based on the size of lichen thalli.
C) Study regarding the calculation of the period in which lichens evolved.
D) Study regarding the succession of various forms of lichens

7. The pH indicator in the litmus test is a dye extracted from the lichen.(SET Botany, 2017)
Roccella tinctoria Litmus

A) Umbilicaria esculenta
B) Parmelia saxatilis
C) Roccella tinctoria
 D) Xanthoria parietina

8. State whether these statements are true or false.(SET Botany, 2017)
1. The acrocarpous mosses are generally those upright mosses with terminal sporangia.
2. Pleurocarpous mosses produce their sporangia on short, specialized lateral branches or buds and typically are prostrate.
3. Cladocarpous are those mosses that bear sporophytes terminally on short, lateral branches.
A) 1 and 2 only are correct
B) 2 and 3 only are correct
C) 1 and 3 only are correct
D) All are correct

9. Observe the following definitions and choose the correct ones?(SET Botany, 2017)
1. Virion is a complete virus particle, consisting of RNA/DNA surrounded by a protein shell and consisting the infective form of a virus.
2. Viroids consist solely of short strands of circular, single-stranded RNA without protein coats.
3. A retrovirus is an infectious agent composed entirely of protein material, called PrP.
A) 1 and 2 only are correct
B) 2 and 3 only are correct
C) 1 and 3 only are correct 
D) All are correct

10. Match the following (SET Botany, 2017)
Source Plant
p. Dammar gum
l. Ferula gummosa
q. Frankincense 
m. Boswellia sacra
r. Galbanum
n. Members of Dipterocarpaceae
s. Hashish
o. Cannabis indica
A) p-l,q-n, r-m, s-o
B) p-l, q-o, r-n. s-m
C) p-n, q-m, r-l, s-o
D) p-n, q-l, r-m, s-o
1. B) a-3; b-4; c-2; d-1
2. C) Gluconeogenesis
3. C) 4,2,1,3
4. C) 1,3,4 only are correct
5. B) Mn2+
6. B) Study of the age of exposed rock surfaces based on the size of lichen thalli.
7. C) Roccella tinctoria
8. D) All are correct
9. A) 1 and 2 only are correct
10. C) p-n, q-m, r-l, s-o

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