Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Plant Science (Botany) Multiple Questions and Answers

1. Capitulum consist of

A) Ray florets only
B) Disc florets only
C) Ray florets and disc florets
 D) None of the above

2. Mitochondria are absent in
A) Green algae
B) Brown algae
C) Red algae
D) Blue green algae

3. Which one is an essential mineral which is not a constituent of any enzyme?
A) Zn B) Mn C) Si D) Mg

4. Naple’s clamp is a device that enables the specimens to be accurately oriented
A) Microscope
 B) Sledge microtome
C) Atomic emission spectroscopy
D) Spectrophotometre

5. In which of the following types of ovules do the micropyle and the funicle come to lie in one
straight line
A) Orthotropous
B) Anatropous
C) Hemi Anatropous
 D) Campylotropous

6. Cytokinins are
A) Adenine derivatives
B) Guanine derivatives
C) Cytidine derivatives
D) Thymidine derivatives

7. Who among the following is not a Rediscoverer of Mendelism
A) Karl Correns
B) Tschemark
C) Hugo Devries
D) T. H. Morgan

8. In geological time scale which time periods is known as the age of gymnosperms?
A) Silurian and Devonian
B) Devonian and carboniferous
C) Triassic and Jurassic
 D) Jurassic and cretaceous

9. Carrageenin is obtained from the cell walls of algae……
A) Ascophyllum
B) Chondrus
C) Fucus
D) Codium

10. Which type of life cycle is shown by diatoms?
A) Diplontic type
B) Haplontic type
C) Diplobiontic type
D) Haplobiontic type
1. C) Ray florets and disc florets
2. D) Blue green algae
3. C) Si
4.  B) Sledge microtome
5. A) Orthotropous
6. A) Adenine derivatives
7. D) T. H. Morgan
8. C) Triassic and Jurassic
9. B) Chondrus
10.  B) Haplontic type

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