Plant Science Multiple Choice Questions

11. Litmus is a dye obtained which lichen?
A) Lecanora
 B) Cladonia
C) Peltigera
D) Roccella
12. Infoldings produced by cytoplasmic membranes seen in bacteria are called
A) Fimbriae
B) Pili
C) Mesosomes
D) Flagellin
13. Which among the following is not a prophylactic method?
A) Protection
B) Eradication
C) Introduction
D) Exclusion
14. The first virus demonstrated to cause cancer is
A) Rous sarcoma virus
B) Mouse mammary tube virus
C) Feline Leukemia virus
D) Avian Leukosis virus
15. Labellum in Orchidaceae comes to anterior side by the twisting of the ovary through 180 degree. This process is called
A) Adnation
 B) Articulation
C) Resupination
D) Attenuation
16. Which of the following region has maximum diversity?
A) Mangrooves
B) Temperate rainforest
C) Taiga
D) Coral reefs
17. Bioinformatics tool CLUSTAL is a

A) Program that compares nucleotide sequences to sequence database.
B) Computation phylogenetic package of programs for drawing evolutionary trees.
C) Computer program series widely used for multiple sequence alignment.
D) Free open source software for rapid database searching with sequence patterns and
protein motif identification.
18. Which of the following is considered as a noncovalent bond?
A) Electrostatic interactions
 B) Hydrogen bonds
C) Van der waals interactions
D) All of the above
19. Techniques that can be used to elucidate information about protein shape are
A) X-ray crystallography
B) NMR spectroscopy
 D) A and B
20. Which among the following is not a plant fossil?
A) Archaeopteryx
 B) Lepidocarpon
C) Lepidodendron
 D) Rhynia
11. D) Roccella
12. C) Mesosomes
13. C) Introduction
14. A) Rous sarcoma virus
15. C) Resupination
16. D) Coral reefs
17. C) Computer program series widely used for multiple sequence alignment.
18. D) All of the above
19.  D) A and B
20. A) Archaeopteryx

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