Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

MCQ on Plant Taxonomy - Family

1. Monothecous anther is a characteristic feature of the family?

a) Apocynaceae

b) Poaceae

c) Compositae

d) Malvaceae 

2. In some plants the mechanism of seed dispersal is by censor mechanism, the plant belongs to the family 


b) Papilioniaceae

c) Papaveraceae

d) Boraginaceae

3. Tetradynamous stamen can be seen in 

a) Scoparia

b) Torrenia

c) Brassica

d) Tridax

4. Cremocarp fruit is characteristic to

a) Rubiaceae

b) Aizoaceae

c) Capparidaceae

d) Apiaceae

5. Cyathium inflorescence is seen in 

a) Euphorbia

b) Cythula

c) Hevea

d) Tridax

6. The Lamiaceae family is characterized by the inflorescence

a) Scorpiod cyme

b) Helicoid cyme

c) Verticellaster

d) Cyathium

7. In Smilax tendrils are 

a) Modified stipules

b) Modified leaf

c) Modified petiole

d) Modified leaflet 

8.Marginal placentation and monocarpellary pistil are found in 


b) Asteraceae

c) Fabaceae

d) Liliaceae

MCQ on Plant Taxonomy - Family

9. Labellum in Orchidaceae comes to anterior side by the twisting of the ovary through 180 degree . The process is called 

a) Adnation

b) Articulation


d) Attenuation

10.The Comelinaceae family is commonly known as the 

a) Grass family

b) Aster family

c) Spiderwort family

d) Lilli family 

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1.  d) Malvaceae

2. c) Papaveraceae

3. c) Brassica

4. c) Verticellaster

5. a) Euphorbia

6. c) Verticellaster

7. a) Modified stipules

8. c) Fabaceae

9. c) Resupination 

10. c) Spiderwort family

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