Multiple Choice Questions on Mycology (MCQ on Fungi)

1. Which of the following is NOT true about Oomycetes?

A) They are known as water moulds

B) They cause seedling blights, damping-off, root rots and foliar blights

C) Oomycetes are not at all related to algae

D) The nuclei of vegetative cells of these fungi are typically diploid


2. Among the fungi ------- are the economically most useful group and Cladonia is ------ kind of a Lichen

A) Basidomycetes, Ascolichen

B) Zygomycetes, Basidiolichen

C) Ascomycetes, Ascolichen

D) Dueteromycetes, Ascolichen


3. Which among the following is known as hat thrower fungus? 

A) Agaricus  B) Peziza  C) Penicillium D) Pilobolus


4. Crozier formation is a characteristic feature of 

 A) Agaricus  B) Amanita  C) Rhizopus  D) Penicillium


5. Sclerotium is formed under unfavorable conditions by:
A) Rounding of plasmodium

B) Plasmotony

C) Rounding of Myxoamoebae

D) Thickening of sporangium

6. Which one of the following is a heteroecious fungi?
A. Puccinia B. Agaricus 
C. Xylaria D. Peziza

7. Both endogenous and exogenous spores are found in
A. Rhizopus               B. Mucor        C.  Agaricus D.Penicillium

8. Galic acid used in making ink is obtained from:

A) Pencilliumpurpurogenum

     B) Aspergillus niger

    C)  Lactobacillus bulgaricus

    D) Streptococcus lactis


9. Match the following:

 a) Apothecium 1. Agaricus 

 b) Perithecium 2. Neurospora 

 c) Cleistothecium 3. Peziza 

 d) Hymenium 4. Pencillium 

 A) a -3, b-2, c-4, d-1 

B) a -2, b -3, c-4, d -1 

C) a -3, b-2, c-1, d-4 

D. a -1, b -2, c -3, d-4 


10. Which among the following is the true statement?

A.    Penicillium notatum restricts the growth of Staphylococci

B.      Methanogens are found in aerobic conditions

C.     Acetobacter aceti produces citric acid

D.    D.Saccharomyces cervisiae is used as clot buster

Learn more:


1. C) Oomycetes are not at all related to algae

2. C) Ascomycetes, Ascolichen

3. D) Pilobolus

4. D) Penicillium

5. A) Rounding of plasmodium

6. A. Puccinia

7. D.Penicillium

8.  B) Aspergillus niger

9. D. a -1, b -2, c -3, d-4 

10. A.    Penicillium notatum restricts the growth of Staphylococci

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